Computer COMMAND 190 ELITE

The computer provides precise control of the application rate of crop protection products regardless of driving speed and remote section control. It uses state-of-the-art solutions for automatic control of sprayer operation. The computer is distinguished by extraordinary functionality while maintaining simple, intuitive operation in Polish.

Technical specifications:

Automatic pressure regulation taking into account the current speed 

View of the current status as well as the ability to control in manual and automatic mode - the user knows what is currently happening with the pressure regulating servomotor 

Speed and precision - fast and precise dose control function - PID-PWM control combined with MOSFET technology 

Advanced algorithms 

Intelligent control algorithm makes it possible to shorten the continuous pressure regulation to a minimum with momentary fluctuations in measurements. Spraying is steady which significantly extends the life of the control servomotor 

End-of-path 0 control function - reaching the end of the path does not modify the programm, so the beginning of a new path is sprayed with the required dose 

Minimum speed detection - even greater acceleration of control during the start of spraying


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