Electric control unit Optima 90

The latest product in the Optima series. It was created by extending the Optima 70 controller to measure the speed at which the sprayer moves. Using the table on page 30 of the sprayer's instruction manual, we select the dose of liquid we want to apply per hectare. For a given spray rate, we read the nozzle color, pressure and speed. The Optima 90 will allow us to monitor this data on the screen and thereby obtain a precise spray rate. It also has two additional functions: activation of the main tank rinser and the side chemical induction hopper.

Technical specifications

  • Automatic ON/OFF function 
  • Automatic pressure control 
  • Automatic control of 5 working sections 
  • Digital display of working pressure 
  • Digital speed display 
  • GPS antenna 
  • Control valve equipped with 9 electro-valves
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