800 liters

Standard equipment

  • 800 liters main tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene with extended liquid level indicator 
  • Boom width 10, 12, 15, 18 m with height adjustment by hand winch, manually unfolded 
  • The 18 m boom is installed as standard with a double-acting hydraulic stabilization cylinder, a hydraulic boom lift cylinder and a P-145 Biardzki pump 
  • Pump with a capacity of 120l/min 
  • Hydraulic injector agitator ensures the maintenance of equal concentration of the working fluid 
  • Glycerin pressure gauge 
  • Four-stage liquid filtration system ( 1st stage filler screen, 2nd stage suction filter, 3rd stage self-cleaning filter at the distributor, 4th stage filters in nozzle holders) 
  • Chemicals diluter in the filler screen Clean water tank with a capacity of 15 liters (for washing hands) 
  • Duro distributor - Italian precision, intuitive operation, reliable performance 
  • Triple rotary nozzles in the form of a head with anti-drip valves and a nozzle for UAN 
  • Frame and boom of the sprayer, cleaned in the process of shot blasting then powder coated for the best corrosion protection

Additional equipment

  • Fermo main control valve with pressure compensation, ensuring constant pressure regardless of the number of nozzles 
  • Optima 10 electric control unit - automatic ON/OFF function -1 electro-valve 
  • Optima 20 electric control unit - automatic ON/OFF function, automatic pressure regulation - 2 electro-valves 
  • Electric control unit Optima 70 - automatic ON/OFF function, automatic pressure regulation, automatic control of 5 working sections, digital display of working pressure - 7 electro-valves 
  • Optima 90 electric control unit - automatic ON/OFF function, automatic pressure regulation, automatic control of 5 working sections, digital display of working pressure, digital display of speed, GPS antenna - 9 electro-valves 
  • Hydro panel - a device dedicated to sprayers with hydraulically unfolded boom. Allows remote control of all boom functions without leaving the tractor cab 
  • Command 190 Elite computer - a device providing control of the precise dose of crop protection products regardless of the driving speed and remote control (on/off) of sections 
  • P-145 Biardzki pump 
  • BERTOLINI POLY 2150 VS 150l/m pump 
  • Specialized ejector nozzles 
  • Side chemical induction hopper with package rinsing function 
  • Rapid 3-in-1 system rinsing tank
  • Main tank rinser
  • Pressure gauge with LED lighting 
  • Boom height adjustment by hydraulic cylinder 
  • Boom stabilization forced by double-acting cylinder 
  • Calabria-Hydro lance with the possibility of independent unfolding of the right and left side of the boom with the function of hydraulic stabilization

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Tank capacity (l)



Type of tank polyethylene LLD-PE
Tank for clean water for rinsing the system no
Tank for water for hand washing yes
Working width (m) 6,10,12,15,18
Boom stabilization 12, 15 m mechanical 
Boom description manually unfolded, mechanically lifted
Nozzles slit MMAT Agro Technology
Pump Biardzki P-120
Pump capacity (l/min) 120
Main control valve Duro

Triple rotary with anti-drip valve


Type Dimensions (W/H/L) Weight (kg)
800/12 m 270/203/150 260
800/15 m 287/230/170 355
800/15 m C. hydro 300/250/165 670
800/18 m   380


800/18 m    
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