1200 Calabria Hydro

Standard equipment:

  • 1200 liters main tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene with extended liquid level indicator 
  • Boom width 15m hydraulically lifted, hydraulically unfolded, stabilization forced by double-acting cylinder
  • BERTOLINI POLY 2150 VS 150l/m pump
  • Swivel-torsion hitch that copies the tractor's track on the headland
  • Hydraulic injector agitator ensures the maintenance of equal concentration of the working fluid 
  • Glycerin pressure gauge 
  • Four-stage liquid filtration system ( 1st stage filler screen, 2nd stage suction filter, 3rd stage self-cleaning filter at the distributor, 4th stage filters in nozzle holders) 
  • Chemicals diluter in the filler screen
  • Mudguards
  • Wheels 9.5 x 28
  • Road lighting
  • Clean water tank with a capacity of 15 liters (for washing hands)
  • System rinsing tank with a capacity of 10% of the main tank
  • Fermo main control valve with pressure compensation, ensuring constant pressure regardless of the number of nozzles 
  • Triple rotary nozzles in the form of a head with anti-drip valves and a nozzle for UAN 
  • Frame and boom of the sprayer, cleaned in the process of shot blasting then powder coated for the best corrosion protection


Additional equipment:

  • Optima 10 electric control unit - automatic ON/OFF function -1 electro-valve 
  • Optima 20 electric control unit - automatic ON/OFF function, automatic pressure regulation - 2 electro-valves 
  • Electric control unit Optima 70 - automatic ON/OFF function, automatic pressure regulation, automatic control of 5 working sections, digital display of working pressure - 7 electro-valves 
  • Optima 90 electric control unit - automatic ON/OFF function, automatic pressure regulation, automatic control of 5 working sections, digital display of working pressure, digital display of speed, GPS antenna - 9 electro-valves 
  • Hydro panel - a device dedicated to sprayers with hydraulically unfolded boom. Allows remote control of all boom functions without leaving the tractor cab 
  • Command 190 Elite computer 5 or 7 sections - a device providing control of the precise dose of crop protection products regardless of the driving speed and remote control (on/off) of sections 
  • Bertolini Poly 2180 VD pump with a capacity of 170 l/min  
  • Specialized ejector nozzles 
  • Side chemical induction hopper with package rinsing function 
  • Main tank rinser
  • Wheels 9.5 x 32
  • Pressure gauge with LED lighting 
  • 2xhalogen LED lighting of the boom
  • Foam marker

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Tank capacity (l) - 1200

Type of tank - polyethylene LLD-PE

Tank for clean water for rinsing the system - yes 

Tank for water for hand washing - yes

Working width (m) - 15

Boom stabilization - hydraulic

Boom description - unfolded and lifted hydraulically

Nozzles - slit MMAT Agro Technology


Pump capacity (l/min) - 150

Main control valve - FERMO

Heads - Triple rotary with anti-drip valve

Electrical installation - yes

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